Britney Spears to lose custody of children today?

Reports say she could be denied access to her boys this morning

Britney Spears is reportedly at serious risk of losing custody of her two children as early as this morning (September 17).

Gloria Allred, lawyer for Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline, is bringing a ‘secret’ witness to court at 8.30am Los Angeles time today for a closed hearing which could see the removal of Jayden James and Sean Preston from Spears’ care.

According to a report on, the witness in question is a man who has closely observed Spears with her children, and it is thought he will report that the toddlers witnessed drug use by Spears in their home.

The witness has signed a declaration, effectively a written testimony, which was filed to Commissioner Scott Gordon, the judge in the case, who accepted the declaration and apparently praised the work of Allred.

The witness will not have to testify in court unless Spears and her lawyers question the information in the declaration.

The witness will be with Federline‘s lawyer when she goes to court to fight for the custody of his children this morning in Los Angeles.

Allred told that despite the fact the witness may be recognised as he enters the court, the man is “not famous” and is “just someone who is concerned about the kids”.

Meanwhile, reports that Spears would apologise at the Primetime Emmy’s last night (September 16) proved unfounded.

Rumours had been rife that Spears would appear live to address her disastrous performance at the MTV VMAs last week (September 9).

–By our New York staff.

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