The singer removes scenes portraying her death...

BRITNEY SPEARS has decided against using controversial scenes in her video for new single ‘EVERYTIME’ that suggest the singer takes an overdose and drowns in a bathtub.

The pop princess maintains that the scenes were supposed to depict accidental death and not suicide, and in a treatment obtained by MTV News, camera tricks and surprise plot developments were to be used to keep the results of the promo mysterious.

A statement from her record label read: “Britney Spears was uncomfortable with these treatments due to the potential for a fictional accidental occurrence to be misinterpreted as a suicide. Ms. Spears revised the treatment to ensure the video for ‘Everytime’ will not have a scene in it that could in any way be perceived as a reference to a suicide.”

The statement added that it was not Spears‘ intent to present suicide in any sort of positive light, saying: “[Spears] does not endorse [suicide] as a solution to any individual and fully recognises that people who go to this length need assistance and advice, and should contact their local suicide prevention organisation.”

Directed by photographer David LaChapelle, the video shoot was scheduled for last weekend (March 13-14) in Los Angeles.