The lyrics of UK songstress Dido provoke much chuckling as they are read out by Britney's character in 'Crossroads'...

A LONDON screening of Britney Spears‘ debut feature film ‘CROSSROADS’ was held last night, with some scenes involving the lyrics of UK songstress Dido provoking howls of derisory laughter from assembled guests.

The film, screened for the media at London’s Empire Leicester Square, tells the story of Lucy (Britney Spears), who takes off on a road trip after her high school graduation on a mission to meet her long lost mother (played, briefly, by ‘Sex And The City’ actress Kim Cattrall).

During the course of the film Lucy falls for Ben (Anson Mount) and, during a campfire scene, begins writing in her notebook. When Ben asks what she is writing, Lucy replies “Just poetry, mainly.” It was at this point in last night’s screening that the laughter began.

As Lucy began reading her poem – in actual fact the Dido-penned lyrics to ‘Britney’ album track ‘I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman’ – the laughter spread through the cinema, to such an extent that the final lines were inaudible above the noise.

Subsequent sentimental moments of were met with a similar response and, at one point, applause. The point when Lucy told her father (Dan Ayckroyd) that Ben “gave me a ride” also proved popular with the audience.

Reviews of ‘Crossroads’ have been embargoed until the week of release (March 29).

‘I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman’ is Britney Spears‘s next single in some territories, though ‘Overprotected’, which runs over the film’s closing credits, has been chosen for the UK.