The star will donate a chunk of her ticket and merchandise profits from her forthcoming tour...


SPEARS is hoping to raise $2million from tickets and merchandising sales on

her forthcoming US tour for children of the WORLD TRADE CENTER disaster victims.


has announced she will donate $1 per ticket sold from each of the 31 concerts on

the tour. She is also likely to offer merchandise receipts and also auction front

row seats from each of the concerts for the fund. Money raised will go to the

children of the NYC policemen and firefighters lost in the World Trade

Center attack.


cancelled a promotional tour of Australia last week in the aftermath of the

atrocities in the US.

“I do not feel it’s appropriate to hold a press

conference at this time for the launch of my album,” she said. “This pales in

comparison to what we have just witnessed. My thoughts and condolences are with

our fellow citizens who have lost their lives and with their families and

friends.” She is expected to return to the US within the next couple of days

rather than travel to Europe to continue promotional duties. “During this sad

time, I feel it’s important to be with your family,” she said.