KEGL let Kramer and Twitch go...

The radio DJs who sparked a worldwide panic by broadcasting a hoax story that BRITNEY SPEARS had been killed in a car crash have been fired by their station.

The pair, Kramer and Twitch, were “let go on Monday” by Dallas’ KEGL, a spokesperson for station owners Clear Channel Communications explained.

A brief statement added that the Britney incident was not the only reason for the sacking, but the spokesperson declined to explain further.


However, a report in the Dallas Morning News claimed that the duo had been keen on pranks in the past. Tom Schurr, Clear Channel vice-president, said that during a recent stint on a sister station, KSJO in San Jose, the pair suggested that motorists run over bicyclists or hit them with their car doors. “There were some other things that I only have a cursory knowledge of,” Schurr added.

Kramer and Twitch claimed on last Tuesday’s show (June 12) that the Cedars Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles had confirmed both Britney and her *N SYNC boyfriend Justin Timberlake were dead.

They expressed surprise at their firing, saying they had cleared the hoax for air.

Britney‘s record company Jive is still considering legal action over the broadcast.