And how will they do that? By getting advice from dance producer BT, of course...

BRITNEY SPEARS and boyfriend JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE from ‘NSYNC are planning a joint takeover of the pop universe.

NME.COM can reveal that the couple are planning to move away from teen pop towards an older market and they are also set to collaborate musically on Britney ‘s new album. The as-yet-untitled album is due out in the autumn and, if their plan works, it will make them the unassailable king and queen of pop.

Dance producer BT was recently drafted in by Justin Timberlake to help ‘NSync ditch their boy band image on new album ‘Celebrity’. The first single ‘Pop’ is a marked change in direction, with Justin commenting that he was inspired by the sound of UK garage.


Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, BT said: “I don’t want to become the electronic guy who made a bunch of boy bands cool. But Britney‘s dating Justin from ‘NSync, they’re cool people and I like their vibe. She wants to do something a lot more cutting edge and I agreed to do it.”

To read how he told Britney “you need to listen to some cool stuff if you want to be the next Madonna“, see this week’s NME, on sale in London today (June 19) and the rest of the UK from tomorrow.

In other news, Britney has revealed details of the first signing to her new as-yet unnamed label and production company. Kirsty Lee, 17, from Selma, Oregon, will support Britney on tour and the pop princess will join country act Lee in the video for her first single. Although it has not yet been announced what it will be, it is tentatively scheduled for release in spring 2002.

Britney‘s manager Larry Rudolph, who introduced the two, told that the production company was formed out of a desire “to discover and help promote other young talent.”

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