America's biggest acts all want to use that 2-step sound - and the Yanks are going mad for Craig David...

UK garage is invading the USA with pop acts like *NSYNC, BRITNEY SPEARS and MADONNA all desperate to use the 2-step sound on their records.

With Craig David currently enjoying success in the US, UK garage is starting to take over in clubs across the country. David’s debut US single ‘Fill Me In’ debuted at Number Nine on the Best Selling Retail Singles chart in America. An American MTV spokesman told NME.COM: “Craig David is one of our buzzworthy artists – we think he’s someone to look out for.”

UK acts are now gearing up to take on the US market and the sound of 2-step is also influencing pop acts and R&B producers. *NSYNC‘s new single ‘Pop’, produced by BT, is the first UK garage crossover.


”We took it to where we think music is going,” said band member Justin Timberlake, while band-mate Chris Kirkpatrick described it as “Artful Dodger making out with Aretha Franklin.”

Artful Dodger, who release their album ‘It’s All About The Stragglers’ in the US in August, preceded by a re-recorded version of ‘Twentyfourseven’ featuring ex-All Saint Mel Blatt on vocals, are another act being tipped for success, and with Britney Spears apparently keen to work with the jammy Dodger, it would appear hard to fail.

Oxide & Neutrino are an other act being tipped as potentially “huge” in America.

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