They are endorsing the scarily titled MathNMusic Club For Youth, which sounds sinisterly like some kind of Tortoise out-take...

BRITNEY SPEARS and boyfriend JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE from *N SYNC are fronting a drive in the US encouraging young fans to sharpen their maths skills.

Though the scheme will not start officially until June 5, Timberlake announced the scheme in Boston yesterday (May 29). The venture will see educational website MathMastery.com joining with Giving Back Fund to form MathNMusic Club For Youth. A spokesperson for the Giving Back Fund told mtv.com that MathNMusic Club will be part of MathMastery.com and will incorporate music to help children learn about the world of numbers.

After paying a fee to enrol in the MathNMusic Club, fans will receive Britney and Justin goodies, such as posters. Some of the money raised will be channelled back into music education in schools through the Justin Timberlake Foundation and the Britney Spears Foundation.


In other news, Britney and *N Sync are confirmed to read prayers written by the Pope on a spoken-word album to be released in North America this Christmas.

According to ananova.com, the CD, which also features Faith Hill, will be released as a companion to the ‘Private Prayer Books Of Pope John Paul II’. It could also be released worldwide in a multi-million-dollar publishing deal, and an associated DVD and video may also be in the pipeline.

Some of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

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