Two musicians claim the star stole songs from them...

Britney Spears is being sued by two musicians who claim two of her songs were copied from one of theirs.

Michael Cottrill and Lawrence Wnukowski from Philadelphia have filed a copyright case against Britney Spears and her recording and publishing companies Zomba Recording Corp, Jive Records, Wright Entertainment Group and BMG Music Publishing.

They claim, in the suit filed in Federal Court in Philadelphia last week, that Britney Spears‘ ‘What U See (Is What U Get)’ and ‘Can’t Make You Love Me’ are “virtually identical” to one of their songs, ‘What You See Is What You Get’. The Britney Spears‘ tracks appear on her second album ‘Oops… I Did It Again’.

The suit also says Britney Spears‘s people “merely made minor adjustments to some of the lyrics and music in the respective songs in an unsuccessful attempt to ‘conceal’ their pirating of” Cottrill’s and Wnukowski’s musical talents.

They say they submitted the copyrighted song to Britney Spears representatives in 1999, but it was rejected.

The pair now want their share of the royalties. The suit seeks “millions of dollars in ill-gotten profits.”

“More than anything, we want the recognition that we wrote a good tune,” said guitarist and keyboard player Cottrill to the Philadelphia Daily News.

“We were hoping this was ‘the’ hit for us, a really well-done tune,” he added. “We thought we were going to get a fair deal off these people.”