Masahiko Shizawa's brief claims his client is the victim of a "cultural misunderstanding"...

The man accused of stalking BRITNEY SPEARS has been labelled as “misunderstood” by his lawyer.

>The star, accused at the previous hearing of “a cultural misunderstanding”, is seeking a restraining order against Masahiko Shizawa of Yokohama, Japan, after claims that the 41-year-old has pursued her since September.

According to the BBC, Shizawa, a VIP in Japan, has allegedly sent hundreds of letters and photographs to the star, and wrote “I’m chasing you” on one photograph. He is also accused of following Britney to her Louisiana and Hollywood homes.


The man’s lawyer, Simon Hiller, has told the court that Shiwzawa is an “avid fan”, and is ‘harmless’, and is keen to settle the dispute in an out of court settlement so he can return to the United States.

The 21-year-old singer is seeking a restraining order that will prevent Shizawa of coming within 910 metres of her, and ever contacting her again. She is also seeking legal fees and court costs.

If the case is not resolved by April 18, there will be a full court case, in which both parties will have to give evidence.

Spears‘s lawyer Joel Strote has refused to comment.

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