The star says she's "very, very happy" with 'Crossroads'...

Britney Spears turned out for the LOS ANGELES debut of her new film ‘CROSSROADS’ last night (February 12) with boyfriend JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE in tow.

“I’m very, very happy with the movie, so we’ll see what happens,” the pop princess said before the screening at Mann’s Chinese Theater.

In ‘Crossroads’, Britney Spears plays a teenager who ends her time at school by taking a trip to Los Angeles with her boyfriend, played by Anson Mount, and two childhood friends, in order to find her mother, played by Kim Cattrall from ‘Sex And The City’.

Britney Spears said of the movie, “I’ll be curious to see. I’m ambitious and I like to challenge myself and I like to push myself and so it made me want to really go there just to see if I could do it.”

It’s a testing time for Britney Spears. The most recent big-name female star to move from music to cinema wasMariah Carey. Her film ‘Glitter’ flopped and she went on to be dropped by her label.

“It wasn’t easy for me. The whole transition was a little scary at first, but I’m so happy I did it,” Britney Spears added.

Her character also loses her virginity on-screen, something the still pure Britney Spears had no problem doing.

“Actually, the writer came up with that. It was in the script. It totally fitted. I thought it was necessary for the character. I thought it made sense,” she said.