Celine Dion, Britney Spears and Ricky Martin are expected to sing hymns and prayers from the million-selling 'Abba Pater' album...

Britney Spears, RICKY MARTIN, Celine Dion and N’SYNC are among the artists lined up to perform on a compilation of THE POPE‘s “greatest hits.”

The album will feature pop stars and actors covering hymns and prayers from The Pope‘s album, ‘Abba Pater’, which has sold more than a million copies in 50 countries since it was released last year. It features the pontiff reciting psalms, gospels and other inspirational passages over backing music.

The man behind the project is American producer Rick Garson, who has previously worked with Michael Jackson.


According to the Sunday Telegraph newspaper, Garson believes the CD will give hope to the young. His company, Maxx International will also release Spanish and Italian versions of the album.

The Pope has rubbed shoulders with pop glitterati in the past, meeting Bono and Bob Geldof last year, and going to a Bob Dylan gig in Bologne.