The teen popster provokes howls of fury by displaying the American flag on screens either side of the stage...

BRITNEY SPEARS was booed during her set at ROCK IN RIO in BRAZIL last night (January 18).

During the song ‘Lucky’, an American flag was shown on the giant screens on the stage, and the record audience of 210,000 began to boo and chant “Bra-zil, Bra-zil”.

Britney was performing after 13-year-old Aaron Carter, whose four-song, 20-minute set to backing tapes induced near-hysteria among the fans, local sibling duo Sandy & Junior and Five, who also received an enthusiastic reception.


Headliners *N Sync took the stage over two hours late, but their exuberant and colourful stage show, with plenty of props, a few words in Portugese and all the hits lifted the spirits of a weary young crowd.

Prior to Britney taking the stage, there were several announcements over the loudspeaker system regarding 230 lost kids, who had become separated from their parents and friends in the crowd, the biggest of the festival so far.

At one point, the increasingly exasperated organisers pleaded: “I’m telling you. There are over 200 children lost. They are all waiting for their parents. But you don’t seem to take us seriously.”

Doctors at the site treated over 2,000 people, mainly heat exhaustion cases and over-excitable teenagers.

There should be few problems with screaming teens tonight, when the rock heavyweights take over.

Headliners Iron Maiden took the day off yesterday to watch the final match of the Taca Joao Avelange championship between football teams Vasco and Sao Caetano at the Maracana Stadium.


Sepultura revealed at a press conference that they are planning to unveil two new songs during their set, while Rob Halford played down speculation at his press call that he will join Iron Maiden onstage.