Britney says the duet with the grand dame of pop is definitely on...

BRITNEY SPEARS has confirmed that she WILL record a duet with MADONNA, NME.COM can exclusively reveal.

At the press conference yesterday (January 17) in Rio, shortly after she arrived in Brazil for her appearance at the Rock In Rio festival tonight, she said: “Yes it is true. We are not sure how we will do it, because I don’t know when I or she will have free studio time to coincide, but her people and my people are talking and that will definitely happen.”

She also added that she was “proud and honoured” to see Madge wearing a ‘Britney Spears’ T-shirt.


“I’ve always listened to Madonna, since I was a kid in my bedroom. So one day, I’m looking through this magazine and I see Madonna wearing a T-shirt with my name on it and I go ‘What?!’ I was very proud and honoured.”

Britney shrugged off questions about recently being voted Worst Dressed Person in an opinion poll, saying if people thought that they’d best not look at her. She also denied having plastic surgery.

The second leg of the Rock In Rio extravaganza kicks off tonight (January 18) on a pop note, with *N Sync and Aaron Carter joining Britney on the bill.

The stars have been arriving throughout the week, with Britney reportedly employing a lookalike to act as a decoy, and being flanked by a trio of burly security guards while she and boyfriend Justin Timberlake sunbathed by the pool of their hotel.