The star's record label stump up the cash to ensure the coming-of-age flick gets filmed...

The BRITNEY SPEARS film project looks like it’s finally going ahead – and it’s being co-funded by her own record label.

Last week Spears’ spokesperson confirmed to NME.COM that the star was due to take twelve weeks out of her schedule to shoot the film, which has been described as “‘Boys On The Side’ meets ‘Duets'”. The coming-of-age flick, which Jive Records are putting up money for to join Filmco in sharing a $10 million budget, is being directed by Tamra Davis and will be filmed during March.

Spears will play a virginal student alongside a cheerleader and a dropout. All three girls are travelling across the States, during which time they are pursuaded to take part in a musical contest, prompting speculation that Britney will be singing in the film.


Meanwhile Britney has been voted one of the worst-dressed people in the world by a fashion guru known as Mr Blackwell. He notes in his 41st annual list of fashion disasters that “her bra-topped collection of Madonna rejects are pure fashion overkill. Relax help is on the way!”

Of Britney’s rival Christina Aguilera he ponders “Is she a boring and body-baring bungle – or just auditioning for ‘Sheena, Queen of the Jungle’?”, while Madonna’s recent restylings prompt to comment “From Ghetto Glam to Rhinestone Cowgirl to Mrs. Guy Ritchie. Any way you label it, she’s still just kitschy, kitschy, kitschy!”