The group are ecstatic that Britney has approved their cover of ...'Baby One More Time'...

The Travis and Britney Spears mutual admiration society has stepped up a gear, with bass player DOUGIE PAYNE expressing delight when informed him of the pneumatic popster’s enthusiasm for their cover of her hit ‘BABY ONE MORE TIME’.

Speaking to shortly after they finished recording a performance of their new single ‘Coming Around’ for Top of the Pops yesterday (June 8), he exclaimed: “Oh, wow! I didn’t see that! You’ve got to admire that, it’s cool.”

Britney had given the Travis cover of her Number One smash the thumbs up after hearing it in a shopping mall. She gushed: “I was in the mall the other day and heard this song come on and I was like, ‘Oh my lordy!’ It was so weird. I liked it though, I thought it was cool. It was a very different vibe from what I did. It was cool though.”


Dougie added that he is a big fan of Swedish songwriter Max Martin, who penned ‘Baby One More Time’ and many other Britney and Backstreet Boys numbers. “The guy’s fucking brilliant,” he said.

“The thing about that song is that it’s a great song,” continued Dougie. “It’s not like people ironically say ‘Oh yeah, it’s a great pop song.’ It’s not. It’s just a really good song.”

“The thing is, there’s so many boy bands and girl bands that 99 per cent of it is utter shit. It’s like junk music, like McDonalds, just part of the homogenisation of culture that makes things globally acceptable.

“But occasionally you get a fucking brilliant song, sung really well. These people do a brilliant job of getting these great songs out to millions and millions of people. And that’s what songs are destined to do, that’s what good songs should do,” he concluded.