Ms. Spears earned more than twice as much as Christina Aguilera during 2000, according to a new report...

BRITNEY SPEARS earned more than twice as much as CHRISTINA AGUILERA during 2000, a report issued by VH1 and MONEY magazine shows.

Pop acts make up almost half of the ten highest earning musicians in the world during 2000. *N Sync are at Number One (184m), Britney Spears is at Three (139m), Backstreet Boys are at Five (102m), and Christina Aguilera is at Ten (65m).

Figures were based on variables such as fan base, tour earnings and merchandising opportunities. Other notable entries in the chart include Dr Dre and Eminem (at Number Two with 172m), Creed (at Number Seven with 108m), Kiss (at Number 13 with 47m) and Ricky Martin (at Number 15 with 48m).

According to Bill Brand of VH1, management is as important as musical ability in one’s capacity to coin it in in the music industry. “These performers work hard and recognise their potential for revenue earning is right now,” he explains. “They have made merchandising and licensing deals at their peak and are riding the teen pop wave all the way to the bank.”