Britney Spears explains backflip mishap at Apple Music Festival

Singer shied away from the gymnastics move at the last minute during her Roundhouse gig

Britney Spears has explained why she experienced a brief dance routine glitch during her Apple Music Festival gig at London’s Roundhouse last night (September 27).

While performing her song ‘Touch Of My Hand’, the singer approached one of her backing dancers so she could be guided through a backflip, only to pull away from the tricky gymnastics move at the last minute. Watch a clip shared by a fan on Twitter below.


Asked about the mishap during an interview on BBC Radio 1 this morning, Spears explained: “Last night I freaked out, I put my hands up and there was a new guy there. Usually I have my signature guy who helps me with it, every night for the past three years. But it was this new guy.”

Asked by Scott Mills if it was the dancer’s first day backing Spears, who has been performing in Las Vegas for the last three years, she replied: “No it wasn’t his first day but it was his first time to touch my back and I couldn’t do it. He’s actually more muscly than the [usual] guy and I should’ve been more confident.”

Britney Spears performed all of her greatest hits including ‘…Baby One More Time’, ‘Toxic’ and ‘Gimme More’ during her Apple Music Festival set last night, her first UK gig in five years. Read the NME review here.