Britney Spears libel case is thrown out of court

Judge says there wasn't enough evidence to continue legal action

The libel case brought against Britney Spears and her family by her former manager has been thrown out of courts, according to reports.

BBC Newsbeat says that Sam Lufti’s case against the singer has been dismissed by judge Suzanne Bruguera as there was insufficient evidence to carry on with his allegations.

Lufti, who worked for Spears in 2007 and 2008, had sued Spears for breach of contract and had also launched legal proceedings against her mother, Lynne, for defamation and her father, Jamie, for assault.

Lufti was seeking millions of dollars after claiming that Spears’ mother’s book Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World, which was released in 2008, said he drugged Spears and manipulated the singer and her family, and also alleged that her father had hit him at his daughter’s mansion.

However, Bruguera told the Los Angeles Superior Court that Lufti had failed to prove any of the claims he made and said that she felt throwing out of the case was “the right thing to do”.

During the trial, Jamie Spears claimed that he had feared for his daughter’s life between 2007 and 2008 – a frenetic period in which the singer infamously shaved her head, lost custody of her children and was briefly hospitalised. Lynne Spears, meanwhile, repeated her previous allegations and claimed that Lufti had told her he had taken to crushing sleeping pills into Spears’ meals and had also cut off her telephone lines to hinder her communication channels.

Lufti has said he will appeal the decision. Spears, who didn’t attend the trial, released her seventh studio album ‘Femme Fatale’ in March last year and has recently been starring as a judge on The X Factor USA.