Britney Spears ‘took drugs, got naked and picked her nose in front of minder’

Singer's personal hygiene and 'bizarre' behaviour slammed in 'leaked' court documents

Britney Spears‘ personal hygiene has been called into question in ‘leaked’ court documents that also allege she took drugs and paraded naked in front of her minder.

Former police officer Fernando Flores is suing the singer’s conservators for more than $10 million (£6.2 million) after alleging he was sexually harassed by Spears while working as her bodyguard in 2010, reports

In documents the website claims have been filed at a court in Los Angeles, Flores accuses Spears of stripping off and beckoning him into her bedroom for sex.

The report claims Spears took a “cocktail of drugs” – including methamphetamines – while Flores worked for her.

The ‘Toxic’ singer’s personal hygiene is also criticised – she’s accused of failing to shower or clean her teeth for days on end, picking her nose and breaking wind “unapologetically”.

“Defendant Spears was mentally unstable, and personally obnoxious and demanding, requiring her staff on various occasions and for no rationally discernable reasons to address her as Jennifer or Queen Bee,” the documents apparently state.

The papers claim that Flores suffered psychological damage, anxiety attacks, depression and insomnia due to the alleged harassment.

The attorney for Spears’ co-conservators has reportedly filed a motion to deny the allegations.

It’s not the first time one of the singer’s former bodyguards has called her lifestyle into question. In 2007, ex-Spears minder Tony Barretto accused the singer of having “drug and booze issues”. He claimed he was fired from his job after failing to hear her order to “pick up her hat”.

Meanwhile, Britney Spears is due to play a nine-date UK and Ireland tour in the autumn, including shows in London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Sheffield, Manchester, Belfast and Dublin.