Britney Spears lists the Top 75 ‘bullshit’ stories about her in 2009

Stories listed are 'ridiculous', 'inaccurate' and 'absurd' according to the singer

Britney Spears has listed the Top 75 “bullshit” stories written about her in the press in 2009.

The list appears on a post on

Stories included range from exposes on Spears‘ private life, her weight, rumoured boyfriends and a supposed plot to kill her during a tour of Russia.

The Number One story is about Spears supposedly dating Indian choreographer Sandip Soparrkar, originally published in the (Daily Mirror).

The post on explains why the singer decided to list the stories.

It states: “We ranked the ones we believe were the most ridiculous. Either because they were factually inaccurate, because they reported the patently absurd, or because we believe they are simply offensive to the sensibilities.”

Some stories included are about Spears‘ recent tour of Australia, which saw the singer criticised for miming.