The "skanky tramp" sees off stiff competition from Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez...

BRITNEY SPEARS has beaten CHRISTINA AGUILERA and JENNIFER LOPEZ to become pop’s highest entry in the TACKY TASTE AWARDS, an annual poll of unpleasantness in the entertainment world.

Coming second in the poll to Barbra Streisand, Spears has been voted into this position by voters around the world. The poll, organised through US entertainment site [url=], lists voters’ comments such as “She’s a self-proclaimed virgin and role model for young girls, and yet the lesson she’s taught them so far is how to strip in front of millions of viewers at the MTV Video Music Awards”, and “She talked the sweet and innocent line while prancing around like a skanky tramp”.

Aguilera is included at five for “looking just plain all-around tasteless”, beating L’il Kim at nine (“for dressing like a hooker at every awards show or party”) and Whitney Houston, who came joint tenth with TV presenter Rosie O’Donnell. Said one voter of Houston’s peculiar year: “Someone of her stature should not be acting in such a disgraceful manner.”