Britney Spears’ father challenging request from singer’s co-conservator for increased security

Spears' temporary co-conservator Jodi Montgomery alleged that she has received threats of “violence and even death”

Britney Spears’ father Jamie is challenging a request from the singer’s co-conservator to increase their personal security budget following alleged threats of “violence and even death”.

This latest development in the singer’s controversial conservatorship follows on from the resignation this week of Spears’ court-appointed lawyer Samuel Ingham III and her long time manager Larry Rudolph.

The request from Spears’ temporary co-conservator Jodi Montgomery this week for “24/7 live security services” has now been challenged in legal documents filed by Jamie Spears (via Deadline), with the security set to cost $50,000 a month (£36,276) “for an indefinite period of time”.


“If the Court grants the Ex Parte Petition, it is anticipated that Ms. Montgomery will not be the only one requesting additional protection to be paid by the Conservatorship Estate,” Jamie’s legal challenge reads.

“The nasty rhetoric and threatening emails, social media posts and voicemail messages are pervasive and ongoing and impact multiple people involved in or related to the Conservatorship, including the Conservatee, Mr. Spears, other family members, Ms. Montgomery allegedly, and many of their attorneys and other professionals involved – some more than others, and some more threatening than others.”

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Jamie Spears and Britney Spears (Picture: Chris Farina/Getty Images)

In her petition, Montgomery cited threats of “violence and even death” and said that a security company “has determined the security risk to be serious enough to recommend that 24/7 physical security be provided to Petitioner on an interim basis in order to protect her from harm and until such time as Petitioner can make certain security improvements at her home office/residence”.

Montgomery’s petition also states that such security would be required on an “interim basis” for initially “two weeks”. Spears’ response claims that Montgomery’s request is “too vague and open-ended, and improperly and inexplicably seeks to shifts the burden of ensuring her safety to Mr. Spears”.

“It is not appropriate for Mr. Spears to be put in the position of picking and choosing who among the many individuals impacted by the Conservatorship should be permitted to charge the expense of live security services to the Conservatorship Estate,” Spears’ challenge adds. “As a licensed professional fiduciary, Ms. Montgomery should pay for any security services personally as a cost of doing business.”


This matter is set to be addressed during a hearing on July 14 with LA Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny.

Earlier this week Britney Spears’ mother Lynne Spears filed a court petition in which she argued that her daughter should be allowed to choose her own layer.