Britney Spears’ father Jamie files to immediately end her conservatorship

The singer has also criticised her mother

Britney Spears‘ father Jamie has filed to immediately end his daughter’s conservatorship.

According to Vulture, court documents filed by the singer’s father on Monday (November 1) support her request to end it ahead of a hearing on November 12, which will decide whether Spears’ conservatorship should be completely terminated.

Last month (September 29), the star’s father was suspended from his role as her conservator by a judge. The conservatorship was not ended on the spot, with Spears’ lawyer Mathew Rosengart arguing for a new hearing to be held within 30 to 45 days in order for Jamie Spears’ conduct to be investigated.


“Jamie unconditionally loves and supports his daughter. Full stop,” his lawyers have now said in court documents. “The fact is that 13 years ago, a conservatorship was necessary to protect Britney in every sense of the word. Her life was in shambles and she was in physical, emotional, mental and financial distress.

“Through the conservatorship, Britney has been able to return to a path towards stability in all of these phases of her life. The mission has been successful and it is now time for Britney to re-take control of her life.”

His lawyers said the request came without “any caveat” and that he would hand over all documents related to arrangement, adding that he had “nothing to hide”.

Britney has also hit out at her mother Lynne, in an Instagram post which has since been deleted, in which she claims that although her father started the conservatorship, “my mom is the one who gave him the idea,” she wrote. “I will never get those years back… she secretly ruined my life.”

She continued: “You know exactly what you did. My dad is not smart enough to ever think of a conservatorship, but tonight I will smile knowing I have a new life ahead of me.”


The singer also named her former business manager Lou Taylor in the post, as helping to orchestrate the conservatorship. Neither she nor Lynne Spears have responded to the comments.

It comes after the singer also recently admitted that she was “scared to do anything because I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake”, writing about life in the immediate aftermath of the court’s decision to end her conservatorship after 13 years.