Britney Spears files fresh bid to remove her father from conservatorship

She is instead requesting that Jodi Montgomery becomes her conservator

Britney Spears‘ lawyer is reportedly set to request a series of changes in the singer’s conservatorship.

Spears’ lawyer Samuel Ingham will ask a Los Angeles court to mark Jodi Montgomery the permanent conservator of the singer’s personal affairs, permanently replacing her father in the role.

Montgomery was previously appointed as temporary conservator of the singer’s personal affairs in 2019 when Jamie Spears suffered a period of ill health.

In August 2020, Britney had previously requested that Montgomery be named the permanent conservator of her person after her court appointment expired in August of that year.

While that request was turned down, financial organisation The Bessemer Trust was appointed as co-conservator and corporate fiduciary in November last year.

Britney Spears conservatorship
Campaigners during a #FreeBritney event. CREDIT: Sky

Britney’s conservatorship has been in place since Britney’s public breakdown in 2008, with her father Jamie Spears taking control of the singer’s finances and career.

However, Jamie has been continually criticised for refusing to step back and give his daughter her freedom – with concerned fans launching the #FreeBritney movement to support the singer.

Last month, a judge ruled that Jamie he will not have the right to delegate investment powers for the multi-million-dollar estate.

Britney’s case has faced renewed attention due to the Framing Britney Spears documentary that premiered in the UK last month.

The film, which does not include a dedicated appearance by Britney, explores her rise to prominence, her legal conservatorship and the related #FreeBritney movement.

A new BBC documentary will also investigate the conservatorship.

Meanwhile, the lawyer for Spears’ father has claimed that fans “have it wrong” about the pop star’s conservatorship.

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