Britney Spears’ mother says singer should be permitted to choose own lawyer

Her mother said she should "no longer be held to the 2008 standard" of the conservatorship she's under

The mother of Britney Spears has filed a court petition in which she argued that her daughter should be allowed to choose her own layer.

Lynne Spears submitted the petition in a Los Angeles court this week, reports the BBC, days after the singer’s longtime manager announced he is stepping down from his role.

In the documents it says that Britney “must be allowed to consult with counsel of her choosing”.

The news follows an ongoing fallout over Britney’s conservatorship, which she has been legally bound by since 2008. Her father, Jamie, has headed up the arrangement. Conservatorships are set up when a subject is deemed to be unable to manage their finances, wellbeing and other matters.

In her legal filing, Lynne added that her daughter’s “capacity is certainly different today than it was” when the conservatorship was imposed. She said the singer was “able to care for her person” and should “no longer be held to the 2008 standard”.

Last month Britney gave testimony in which she said she wanted the “abusive” arrangement to end without further evaluation. She referred to her conservatorship, which led to the fan-created #FreeBritney movement, as “abusive”.

She alleged that while under the conservatorship she is forbidden from having more children, getting married or taking out her IUD. The pop star also claimed that she has been drugged under the arrangement as well been forced to perform live against her will.

Earlier this week Britney’s court-appointed lawyer also asked to resign from his role.

As the BBC reports further, Lynne’s petition comes as another of Spears’s conservators has asked the court to approve higher security costs. Jodi Montgomery, who manages the star’s health care, claims she has received threats on social media, by phone and on email.

Following Britney’s testimony in late June, a judge denied a “months-old” request from her attorney to have Jamie removed from her conservatorship. Judge Brenda Penny clarified she couldn’t make a ruling until Britney files a formal petition to terminate the arrangement.

The case is set to be addressed at a hearing next Wednesday (July 14).

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