Brockhampton confirm track list and release date for ‘Iridescence’

Here's Iridescence...

Brockhampton have confirmed that new album ‘Iridescence’ will be released next Friday (September 21).

The record is the first instalment of their ‘the best years of our lives’ trilogy. Check out the tracklist below.

Although it doesn’t include recent singles ‘1997 Diana’ and ‘1998 Truman’, the album features their recent offering ‘Tonya’.

The new record was initially announced in August and comes after a extensive string of name changes.

It  was initially called ‘PUPPY’, before the name of the record was changed to ‘The Best Years Of Our Lives’ back in June. The project will serve as the follow-up to ‘SATURATION III’, which was released in December 2017.

The album was recorded at London’s Abbey Road studios, after the group spent extensive time in the UK.

Announcing the project, group leader Kevin Abstract said: “not tryna lead anyone on or anything i just want us to keep making stuff we’re proud of and put it out when we’re ready i mean it from the bottom of my heart when i say thank you for your patience. iridescence.”

Brockhampton also recently announced the new documentary The Longest Summer In America. Set for release on September 20, it follows the making of ‘Iridescence’. It also reportedly takes a darker turn as they address sexual misconduct allegations against former member Ameer Vann.