Brockhampton continue to tease ‘Ginger’ with new video for ‘Boy Bye’

They've also announced the album release date and tracklisting

Brockhampton have released a new song and video, ‘Boy Bye’. It’s the third track from their new album ‘Ginger’ they’ve put out since August began.

In the light-hearted video, which premiered early on Thursday (August 15), the boyband goof around with a basketball, dangle member Matt Champion in a glass case above the ground with a crane, and bring back the blue body paint that defined Brockhampton’s ‘Saturation’ era. Watch it below:


The boyband also announced on social media that ‘Ginger’ will be released August 23. It’s Brockhampton’s fifth studio album overall and their second album for RCA Records, following their 2018 major label debut, ‘Iridescence’.

Brockhampton have also unveiled the ‘Ginger’ tracklisting and cover art. See their post below:

Brockhampton’s ‘Ginger’ rollout began at the start of August with a grainy, disorienting visual for ‘I Been Born Again’. A week later, they followed up with ‘If You Pray Right’ and a snippet of ‘Hood Still Love Me’. All ‘Ginger’ videos so far have been directed by Spencer Ford.

The cocky vibe and leisurely pace of ‘Boy Bye’ square with Kevin Abstract’s description of the record as a “feel-good”, “summer album”. “Not too sad and like, ‘Oh, our life sucks,'” he said of the album’s approach to GQ. “Just more like, ‘Just enjoy what’s in front of you’.”