Brockhampton reveal ‘Puppy’ album release date and new artwork

It's coming next month

Brockhampton have teased their next album ‘Puppy’, revealing it will be released in June while also sharing new artwork for the record.

Following the release of three studio albums last year (‘Saturation’, ‘Saturation II’ and ‘Saturation III’), the California-based group (self-described as “the internet’s first boy band”) have now stated that their fourth release, ‘Puppy’, is out next month.

In a tweet, band leader Kevin Abstract shared what appears to be one of several covers for ‘Puppy’. While the ‘Saturation’ trilogy featured member Ameer Vann on all three covers, this artwork depicts Matt Champion. See below.


In March, Brockhampton shared an alternate cover for ‘Puppy’, featuring producer Romil Hemnani. See that below.

In February, it was reported that Brockhampton have signed a three-year, six album deal with RCA Records worth over $15 million.

Late last year, Brockhampton said that their fourth album would be called ‘Team Effort’ and would be released at some point in 2018. However, in March a tweet from the group suggested that ‘Team Effort’ was “scheduled to be released next week”, but that “we spoke to God and She told us to save the album for another time”.


Brockhampton previously called ‘Saturation III’ the “last studio album from Brockhampton”, before band leader Kevin Abstract clarified that it was simply “the end of the trilogy, or end of the era” and that “everybody knows it’s not really our last album”.

The group recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Nardwuar. ““You’re such a great guy, and we’re honoured,” Kevin Abstract said at the time.

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