Brockhampton’s Kevin Abstract says group’s final album has been delayed

It looks like the group are recruiting new members too

Brockhampton’s Kevin Abstract has revealed that the group’s final album has been delayed.

In a post on Twitter, the musician said the album would not appear now until 2022.

He wrote: “Our next and final album as Brockhampton has been pushed back and will not be released until next year.”


A separate post by the group’s creative director and group member Henock ‘HK’ Sileshi appeared to suggest that the album had been delayed as a result of the group seeking new members.

He tweeted: “Pushing the album back to see how these new members we’re scouting make it thru tryouts.” You can see the posts below:

It comes after Abstract made a call out for new producers to help out on what will be the band’s final album last month.

Abstract had previously confirmed that a new album from the LA collective will be out “before the end of the year”, following the release of their sixth LP ‘Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine’ in April.


“Trying something different,” Abstract wrote on Twitter on August 8. “Wanna give up and coming producers a chance cause we know how hard it gets out here to get ur work off the ground.

“If you got something you love and you’d love to hear BH on it – send beats for the last Brockhampton album Ever”

NME gave Brockhampton’s ‘Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine’ a three-star review upon its release, describing it as “a record defined by the collective’s emotional heaviness”.

“While ‘Roadrunner’ doesn’t provide party-starting hits tailor-made for when the clubs re-open, Brockhampton remains a vehicle for its sprawling cast of members to interrogate and overcome their darkest thoughts as one, and it’s a welcome reminder that you can tackle anything if you do it together.”

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