Brockhampton’s Kevin Abstract says Kanye West-inspired Coachella performance ‘felt like a nightmare’

The hotly-tipped group made their debut appearance at the Californian festival this weekend

Brockhampton‘s Kevin Abstract has said the group’s Coachella set “felt like a nightmare”.

The California-based outfit, who call themselves “the internet’s first boy band”, made their debut appearance at the festival yesterday (April 14).

According to reports, they arrived on stage 15 minutes late and suffered technical difficulties during their performance. Frontman Kevin Abstract has since taken to Twitter to apologise to fans, writing: “I’m very sad about our performance. We didn’t start on time because bear face’s mic quit working seconds before we went on stage.. while we were trying to fix the issue every minute backstage felt like an hour and I’m sorry if you came out and waited.”

He added that he was also sad because “this was a moment me and my friends put so much time and emotion into.” “We were all extremely emotionally invested,” he wrote. “I’m sorry I let y’all down. It felt like a nightmare.”

Abstract promised that Brockhampton’s appearance at the second weekend of Coachella (April 20-22) would be better. “Anytime there’s an issue we try to fix it and do better,” he explained. “I really wanted y’all to experience this new era the right way.”

The frontman also explained that the band’s inspiration for the set, which saw them air tracks from ‘Saturation III’ backed by a string section, came from Kanye West‘s work with an orchestra in 2006.

Meanwhile, Get Out star Lakeith Stanfield has responded to Brockhampton’s offer to join their ranks. “We love Lakeith Stanfield we would love for him to come join the band”, founding member Kevin Abstract wrote. Responding concisely to the offer, Lakeith wrote: “I’m in.”