Brody Dalle says the new Distillers album is “a masterpiece”

Are you ready to be liberated?

Brody Dalle has revealed that the new Distillers‘ album will be out by the summer – and claims it is “a masterpiece”.

The punk veterans reunited in 2018, before dropping two new songs ‘Man Vs Magnet’ and ‘Blood In Gutters‘ and embarking on a run of acclaimed festival shows – including a glorious set at Reading Festival 2019 (marking their first UK gig in 15 years).

After teasing that a new album was due in 2019, Dalle has now suggested that the record could be released by the time of their Download 2020 appearance and summer European tour.


“Time will tell, but it’s a masterpiece and I think people are going to love it,” Dalle told Kerrang. “And yes, it will be out by summer.”

Speaking of the influence of her side projects and successful 2014 solo album ‘Diploid Love‘, Dalle said: “What happened with Spinnerette and making a solo record was that I kinda broke the seal, in terms of getting out of the box I was in and being able to go wherever I wanted. And I’ve had the freedom ever since. I had to go there in order to figure out who I was and have that freedom to move around.

“I still love playing fast music – it’s in my blood, but I also like to move around. I think that’s what artists should do.”

The Distillers’ Brody Dalle live at Reading 2019. Credit: Jenn Five/NME

Asked if her other work in the interim since releasing 2003’s ‘Coral Fang’ would shape The Distillers to be more experimental, Dalle replied: “In certain aspects. I mean in some of it we can still be as gnarly as we were but I don’t want to get tied down.

“I don’t want to carry a ball and chain. I want to be free and I think the guys feel the same way. We’re a lot older and our audience is older. But it still sounds like The Distillers. It sounds like us.”


The Distillers will perform at Download Festival 2020 at Donington Park from June 12-14, alongside Iron Maiden, KISS, System Of A Down, Deftones, BABYMETAL and many more.