Brody Dalle shares footage of her first band performing to Bikini Kill in 1996

It's been shared ahead of International Women's Day 2019

Brody Dalle has treated fans to a video of her first band performing in front of Bikini Kill more than 20 years ago.

The Distillers frontwoman, who was in a band called Sourpuss at the time, shared the footage on Twitter as a throwback to her early musical days. The video in question was shot for Melbourne’s Rock n Roll High School, a non-profit arts association based in the Australian city from 1990-2001.


In the footage, Dalle is seen singing and playing guitar with three other bandmates. Members of Bikini Kill watch on amongst the audience.

Fans have commented on the freshly unearthed footage. One user on YouTube wrote: “That was incredible. Brody already has demand of the stage. Pretty cool for an iconic person just starting to play for another iconic band. Awesome beginnings.”

The Distillers’ Brody Dalle

A Twitter user wrote: “Fucking awesome. Raw and powerful “can’t get it together” fukin’ love that”, while another commented: “Christ on a bike, [Dalle’s] voice was powerful even then. Can really hear Nirvana influences.”

In others news, The Distillers’ first new music in 15 years was released on limited-edition vinyl for Valentine’s Day last month.


In September 2018 the punk legends returned with ‘Man vs Magnet’ with AA-side, ‘Blood In Gutters’, the band’s first new material since 2003’s’ Coral Fang’.

With the band working on a new album due for release this year, The Distillers will return to the UK to perform at Reading & Leeds festival this August.