Broken Bells: ‘We need to record a second album’

James Mercer says: 'We've got songs we need to put out'

Broken Bells have revealed that they are set to record a second album.

The group, BrianDanger MouseBurton and The ShinsJames Mercer, released their self-titled debut album earlier this year and have now confirmed they will record a follow-up.

“We need to do another record, for sure, because we’ve got these songs we need to put out,” James Mercer told Billboard. “We’ve got these songs that aren’t B-side-type stuff, definitely ones we want on a record, and we enjoy this. It’s fun.”


He added: “I think [Danger Mouse] enjoys it, too. It’s so enjoyable. It’s like a vacation – although I don’t want my wife to know that! We definitely will keep working together.”

Despite the plans to record a new album, Mercer explained that a new LP with The Shins is next on his agenda.

“I think the next thing I do will be a Shins record,” he said. “I guess we’re on hiatus now, so I have to sort of allocate time to do it and still do what we have to do with [Broken Bells], but that’s made me feel excited about doing Shins stuff again.”

Mercer added: “It’s been inspiring – I want to take some of [Danger Mouse‘s] approach and apply it to my [Shins] work.”

Currently on tour in North America, the duo will appear at a series of European festivals, including Meltdown and Glastonbury, and are set to perform at the Eden Sessions with Vampire Weekend.