Bros’ Luke Goss denies being ‘sick of being ridiculed’ following BBC documentary

An interview published in The Times featured quotes about the response 'After The Screaming Stops' attributed to Goss

Bros’ Luke Goss has denied being unhappy with the viral reaction to the band’s recent BBC documentary.

Since Bros: After The Screaming Stops aired on BBC Four on December 23, the internet has been awash with memes and jokes focused around the many one-liners uttered by the Goss brothers in the film.

In an interview published in The Times, the drummer was quoted as saying: “There is a contingent who like a freak show. They will always take the piss. But if that’s their contribution to the universe then I pity them. I’m kinda sick of being ridiculed. I focus on the good people out there.”


The piece also featured him acknowledging that were “funny moments” in the documentary. “We spoke passionately and spontaneously,” he said. “We are working-class London boys. Our books weren’t books, they were record sleeves. I know what I said about Rome was funny. I’m not stupid.”

In a tweet posted this evening (January 12), Goss has denied he is unhappy with the response to the film. “Contrary to a certain UK newspaper….I’m over the moon with the reaction of the documentary!” he wrote.

“Those guys love an angle lol anyway…thank you all for being so vocal and supportive about our #film sending #love as always.”

After The Screaming Stops co-director Joe Pearlman recently told NME that both brothers were happy with the way viewers had responded to the film. “I spoke to Matt the other night and I’ve spoken to Luke as well,” he said. “They’re really happy about it. I think they didn’t want to make something you’d expect – which is a nostalgic look back at the ‘80s.”

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