Bros are “in talks” to make a feature-length biopic about themselves

Move aside, 'Rocket Man'

Bros, the eighties boyband whose reunion was documented in last year’s surprise smash hit documentary After The Screaming Stops, are planning a biopic.

Twins Matt and Luke Goss, who formed the band alongside Craig Logan in 1986, were asked about the possibility of a dramatised account of their career in an interview with Radio Times.

“We have been approached, so I guess the answer’s yes,” said Matt. “The documentary was just the tip of the iceberg.”


Matt Goss
Bros’ Matt and Luke Goss

Luke, who forged an acting career of his own after Bros’ split in 1992 with roles in Blade II, Tekken and Hellboy II, said that he would not be interested in playing himself.

“You know why I love acting? “Because I can pretend to be someone else. How do you pretend to be yourself?” said the Bros drummer. “So, no, I’d stay well away from that.”

Meanwhile, there could also be another Bros documentary on its way, documenting more gigs and the recording of brand new music.

There’s talks of them filming the whole process again, which is gonna be fun,” said Matt, while Luke added that they hoped the new record would be the “best Bros album we’ve ever made.”


‘After The Screaming Stops’ earned three BAFTA nominations earlier this year. “My conkers are ready!” Luke said at the time.