Bruce Dickinson dismisses notorious feud with The Osbournes as “storm in a teacup”

"Ozzy and Sabbath are icons so that's that, end of story."

Bruce Dickinson has dismissed his infamous feud with The Osbournes as a “storm in a teacup”.

In 2005, Iron Maiden‘s Ozzfest performance was personally sabotaged by Sharon Osbourne after she took exception to comments that Dickinson had reportedly made about their MTV reality series.

She reportedly ordered interference with Iron Maiden’s PA system, delayed the stage entrance of the band’s mascot Eddie, and even encouraged the crowd to throw bottles at Dickinson.


Now, he’s opened up on the feud and described Ozzy Osbourne as an “icon” but stopped short of offering an olive branch to the Black Sabbath singer.

“It’s  a complete storm in a teacup. I grew up listening to early Sabbath with Ozzy. Ozzy and Sabbath are icons so that’s that, end of story”, Dickinson exclusively told NME.

“The fact that I don’t like reality TV shows, well I’m not gonna offer an olive branch to the Kardashians either.”

Elsewhere, he also revealed why Iron Maiden have avoided politics in their songwriting, and described his belief that it can often be “transparent and self-serving”.

“We take on subjects that we feel passionately about and that we think it’s appropriate to sing about”, he admitted.


“There’s plenty of people taking on political issues. Bands, frankly, I don’t think they’ve ever been good at it.

“They tend to be a little bit shallow and a little bit transparent, sometimes its self serving. My best advice is if you really feel the urge to make political statements then really you should be a politician not a musician.

“Go and stand for election and do something about it.”

Last week, NME also revealed how Dickinson considered the prospect of dying after he was diagnosed with cancer in 2014, following the discovery of a golf-ball sized lump on his tongue.

“Frankly as soon as I was diagnosed [I considered it]”, he admitted.


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