Steve Van Zandt: ‘I told Bruce Springsteen ‘Born To Run’ sucked’

Guitarist speaks about album sessions for classic record

Bruce Springsteen‘s long-time E Street Band collaborator Steve Van Zandt has said how he once told Springsteen he thought his album ‘Born To Run’ “sucked” when he was recording it.

Van Zandt, speaking in Bruce Springsteen – The Ultimate Music Guide, the new publication from NME‘s sister magazine Uncut, said he got involved in the 1975 album when Springsteen threw the gauntlet down to him to improve it.

“All I did on ‘Born To Run’ were the horns on ‘Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out’“, he explained. “I was just in the studio, hanging around. He said, ‘What do you think?’ and I said, ‘I think it sucks.’ And he said, ‘Well, go fucking fix it, then.'”

He added: “So I went and fixed it. People came to the Bottom Line [venue] basically to laugh at us. And a funny thing happened: we fucking blew their minds.”

Bruce Springsteen – The Ultimate Music Guide is on UK newsstands now.