Bruce Springsteen, Mark Ronson, Foo Fighters music to be free

Sony BMG artists' back catalogues to be made free to listen to online

The back catalogues of artists on the Sony BMG record label, including Bruce Springsteen, Mark Ronson and Foo Fighters, are to be made available to listen to free on the We7 website.

The site offers music downloads free of charge, with each track preceded by a short advert, which generates revenue instead of fans paying for downloads. The adverts disappear from each music 30 days from the download date.

Sony BMG have pledged to make over 250,000 tracks in its back catalogue, including music by the aforementioned acts and the likes of The Hoosiers and The Ting Tings, available on the site, reports The Guardian.

However, the tracks will not be available to download, as others available on the service are. Instead they will be streamed in full while a user is online. The label hopes that after listening to the full track streams users will buy downloads of the songs.