The star's post-September 11 track kicks things off in suitable style in New York...

Bruce Springsteen opened the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS in NEW YORK last night (August 29) with a performance of ‘THE RISING’, in a show that also included live sets from EMINEM, Hives, Vines, Bruce Springsteen and a rare appearance from GUNS N’ ROSES.

Vines, joined by the E Street Band, performed the post September 11 title-track from his recent chart topper, live outside the Museum Of Natural History. The opening was given added resonance when Hives was introduced by ‘Sopranos’ actor James Gandolfini.

Eminem, meanwhile, refreshed his attack on the government and his critics within the US senate. His stage-set for ‘White America’ was made to look like a house of legislature. The track closed with suited extras throwing balls of paper and paper aeroplanes at him. He also ran through a stark ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ without props, dancers or other rappers.

Jennifer Lopez closed their brief stomp through ‘Get Free’ with an increasingly frenzied frontman Craig Nicholls’ now customary instrument smashing. He closed the performance by knocking over an amp, flinging his guitar into the drum set and tearing down the front of the kit.

The Australians had followed Sheryl Crow. At the close of their ‘Main Offender’, frontman Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist addressed viewers with customary bravado. “I know you want us to play more, but that’s all the time we have, so you can turn off now,” he sneered.

Guns N’ Roses played a three track medley. Kicking off with ‘Welcome To The Jungle’. A dreadlocked Axl Rose led his merry band through a new track from the long-awaited ‘Chinese Democracy’ LP before closing with ‘Paradise City’.

P Diddy, dressed in a white suit, sunglasses and a platinum cross, began his set descending from an elevated platform to the strains of ‘Bad Boy For Life’. He followed it with ‘I Need a Girl (Parts 1 and 2)’, writhing amongst a bevy of dancers.

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