A group of politicians try to get The Boss to run in his native New Jersey...

A group of political activists in the US are attempting to convince Bruce Springsteen to run as Senator for his native NEW JERSEY.

The group, Independence For New Jersey, are led by Doug Friedline, the man who groomed former WWF wrestler Jesse ‘The Ace’ Ventura turning him into Jesse Ventura, Minnesota Governor. They have launched a drive to gather the 800 signatures necessary to put ‘The Boss’ on the election ballot.

The only problem they face is that Bruce Springsteen himself has yet to endorse the plan. The organisation originally attempted to contact him in December, but have yet to get a response, the BBC reports. They’re not downcast, though. “It took us seven months to get Jesse Ventura to run,” Friedline has said.

Bruce Springsteen, the group claim, would be an ideal candidate for the state. He was born in New Jersey, coming from working class routes, and still lives there.

“If Bruce Springsteen threw his hat in the ring and made a real serious run at this, I think you’d see thousands of volunteers coming out from all over the place,” Mr Friedline said.

The state Senate race currently features incumbent Democrat Robert Torricelli and three Republican candidates – millionaire businessman Doug Forrester and state senators Diane Allen and John Matheussen.

The preliminary round of voting takes place on 4 June.