That's what you get when you don't play Winnipeg...

An outraged Bruce Springsteen fan is planning to mount an egg-based protest after Bruce Springsteen snubbed his hometown of WINNIPEG on his latest tour.

Bruce Springsteen was due to play the Canadian town on April 16 en route to a show in Ottawa on the 18th, but pulled the gig claiming there would not be enough time to transport the stage to Ottawa.

Now disgruntled Stu Reid, who has seen the star play 30 times, plans to gather dismayed devotees of the rocker to pelt his tour trucks with eggs and vegetables as they trundle past Winnipeg.


“I want to get something going to let our frustration be known to the powers that be,” he told Canoe.ca. “It would have been tight but it could have been done for sure,” he said, adding that he believes the cancellation is motivated by money, rather than logistical difficulties. “As I figure it, Bruce Springsteen and the band will have three days off, so they’ll be on a plane to go home as soon as they’re done playing the Edmonton show.”

However, his trucks will still have to pass the city, so Reid is planning to find out when and mount his protest. He has even written a song called ‘The Egging’ to accompany it, which is played to the tune of Bruce Springsteen‘s latest single ‘The Rising’.

In the past, Reid, who met his wife through a fanzine for the star, has helped organise petitions to bring him to Winnipeg, where he has never yet played.

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