Bruce Springsteen's box set will boast over 60 tracks, can reveal...

Bruce Springsteen‘s (pictured) new box set, ‘Tracks’, will boast 66 tracks and is to be released on November 10.

According to Backstreets, a US Springsteen internet site, the tracklisting has been confirmed in pre-ordering information sent to retailers – despite no press release being sent from Columbia Records.

Springsteen’s UK publicist confirmed a formal statement was still some weeks off, but said the tracklisting run on Backstreets was accurate.


The box set includes 56 masters never before released. Though the tracks span three decades – from 1972 to 1995 – most are taken from the 70s, when Springsteen produced masses of material that failed to make it onto albums.

The set includes an acoustic version of ‘Born In the USA’ recorded during the Nebraska sessions, according to US website Wall Of Sound. Several other songs will be familiar to long-time fans thanks to their inclusion in live sets over the last 25 years.

The Backstreets tracklisting is as follows:

CD1: ‘Mary Queen Of Arkansas’, ‘Hard To Be A Saint In The City’, ‘Growin’ Up’, ‘Does This Bus Stop’, ‘Bishop Danced’ (live), ‘Santa Ana’, ‘Seaside Bar Song’, ‘Zero And Blind Terry’, ‘Linda Let Me Be The One’, ‘Thundercrack’, ‘Rendezvous’, ‘Give The Girl A Kiss’, ‘Iceman’, ‘Bring On The Night’, ‘So Young And In Love’, ‘Hearts Of Stone’, ‘Don’t Look Back’.

CD2: ‘Restless Nights’, ‘A Good Man Is Hard To Find’ (Pittsburgh), ‘Roulette’, ‘Dollhouse’, ‘Where The Bands Are’, ‘Loose Ends’, ‘Living On The Edge Of The World’, ‘Wages Of Sin’, ‘Take ‘Em As They Come’, ‘Be True’, ‘Ricky Wants A Man Of Her Own’, ‘I Wanna Be With You’, ‘Mary Lou’, ‘Stolen Car’ (alt), ‘Born In the USA’ (alt), ‘Johnny Bye Bye’, ‘Shut Out The Light’.

CD3: “Cynthia’, ‘My Love Will Not Let You Down’, ‘This Hard Land’, ‘Frankie’, ‘TV Movie’, ‘Stand On It’, ‘Lion’s Den’, ‘Car Wash’, ‘Rockaway The Days’, ‘Brothers Under The Bridges’, ‘Man At The Top’, ‘Pink Cadillac’, ‘Two For The Road’, ‘Janie Don’t You Lose Heart’, ‘When You Need Me’, ‘The Wish’, ‘The Honeymooners’, ‘Lucky Man’.


CD4: ‘Leavin’ Train’, ‘Seven Angels’, ‘Give It A Name’, ‘Sad Eyes’, ‘My Lover Man’, ‘Over The Rise’, ‘When The Lights Go Out’, ‘Loose Change’, ‘Trouble In Paradise’, ‘Happy’, ‘Part Man, Part Monkey’, ‘Goin’ Cali’, ‘Back In Your Arms’, ‘Brothers Under The Bridge’.

Meanwhile, Springsteen was expected in court in London today (Monday October 5) in a case over the rights of 32 recordings dating from the 70s. He is suing Masquerade Music to stop them releasing the songs, which Masquerade claim they obtained from Jim Cretecos, who managed the singer in the 1970s. Springsteen’s solicitors, Laurence Gilmore, of Hamlin Slowe, claims the singer is the lawful owner of the recordings. This follows an earlier action against another record label, Flute, who also tried to release the tracks in 1996, according to Music Week.

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