Bruce Springsteen joins The Who onstage – watch

Springsteen played two songs with the band at the MusiCares benefit concert in New York

Bruce Springsteen joined The Who onstage last night (May 28) during the MusiCares benefit concert at the Best Buy Theater in New York City.

Springsteen joined Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend to perform ‘My Generation’ and ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’. Watch footage of the performances below.

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The MusiCares benefit event took place in support of the MusiCares MAP Fund, a charity to assist musicians with addiction recovery. The Who’s Pete Townshend was given the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award for his work supporting the charity.

Presenting him with the award, Bruce Springsteen made a speech recounting the first time he saw The Who on their first American tour in 1967 and the impact Pete Townshend subsequently had on his career.

“I was a young pimply-faced teenager who managed to scrap enough together to go see my first rock concert ever. Pete and The Who were young pimply-faced teenagers with a record contract, a tour and a rude aggressive magic,” Springsteen said.

“The Who came out and they played for probably a little more than 30 minutes. Pete, in a cloud of smoke, demolished his guitar bashing it over and over into the floor and his amplifier.”

“All I knew, for some reason, this music and the demolishing of all these perfectly fine instruments filled me with incredible joy and I never looked back.”

“As I grew older, the Who’s music seemed to grow with me, the sexual frustration, politics, identity. These things course through my veins with every concurring Who album. I always found myself there somewhere in their music.”

“Pete is the greatest rhythm guitarist of all time. He showed you, you don’t have to play any lead. It’s an amazing thing to behold, ” he continued. “Pete managed to take the dirty business of rock and roll and somehow make it spiritual and turn it into a quest. He may hate this, but he identified the place where it was noble, and he wasn’t afraid to go there.”

The Who singer Roger Daltrey recently claimed that Townshend wants the group to record another album. The band released their last studio album ‘Endless Wire’ in 2006.

Daltrey told Rolling Stone: “He’s just talking about it. I’ve heard a couple of tracks, which are great. There are loads of things we can do in the future, but we can’t keep doing this sort of tour. This bit of our career is closed, but maybe two more doors open up. Pete is an incredibly vibrant musician. I could see us playing acoustically in some ways.”