Bruno Mars admits he wears hats to make himself look taller

Singer says being short means height-enhancement is ‘always something to think about’

Bruno Mars has admitted that he wears hats to make himself look taller.

The singer, who is 5ft 5ins tall, said he has begun seeking out hats with wider brims to enhance his height.

Mars told The Daily Star: “I’m a short guy, and that’s aways something I have to think about. I’ve always done the hat thing. Now I’m doing ones with bigger brims to make myself look taller.”


Mars added that his mother Bernie tried blow-drying his hair when he was growing up to try to make his hair look higher.

The singer recently bought his mother a house in the family’s native city of Waikiki in Hawaii. Mars said: “My parents both still live in Waikiki and I just bought my mom a house out there. I bought her one before I bought myself one.”

Mars recently finished his 155-date tour for his 2012 album Unorthodox Jukebox and has begun working on his third record. He told That’s Shanghai: “I want to write better songs. I want to put on better shows. I want to make better music videos. Basically, I want my next album to be better than the first and the second.”

Mars, who featured on Mark Ronson’s recent No 1 single Uptown Funk, received an apology from Kanye West in February. During a 2013 concert, West had said during a gig: “Bruno Mars won all the motherfucking awards. Motherfucking networks try to gas everybody up so they can sell some product with the prettiest motherfucker out.” Retracting his criticism, West said: “I used to hate on Bruno, but I really respect what he does an artist. I’d love him to sing the hook on this song 88 Keys/Puff and I produced.”

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