Bryan Adams says he’s ‘happy’ Ryan Adams covered ‘Summer of ’69’ and will return the favour

Ryan Adams covered the song recently following long-running heckles for him to perform the hit

Singer Bryan Adams has commented on Ryan Adamsrecent cover of his hit single ‘Summer of ’69’.

Ryan Adams covered the similarly named singer at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on April 28. The rendition was in reference to an incident at the same venue 13 years prior when an audience member yelled a request for the song for Adams’ entire solo set.

Adams later told Spin that such hecklers were “a bunch of fucking cocks”, adding, “They come to my shows just to provoke me. I had to go into therapy because of whole Bryan Adams ‘Summer Of ’69’ thing.”


Now, Bryan Adams has spoken to SF Gate about the incident, promising to cover a Ryan Adams track in return.

“Ryan [Adams] wrote to me to tell me the day before that he was going to do it,” he said. “I think it was some sort of cathartic release for him to return to that venue and play that song, as you probably know the story there. So I think in some ways, he has been haunted by the song somewhat, which is a shame because it’s a really great song. Anyway, I’m happy he did it. He’s a great artist. And sure I’d sing one of his songs. I’m not sure which one, though.”.

Ryan Adams recently released a new seven-inch called ‘I Do Not Feel Like Being Good’. The release features three acoustic songs in the vein of his ‘Love Is Hell’-era output which, as recalled by Adams via his record label Pax-AM’s website, were recorded with two mics in just one afternoon.

“I had been dragging a few of these behind me in that bag of songs I keep tied around my ribs since London ’09-ish,” he wrote in a statement. “I was shipwrecked in a hotel there with a bad case of the spins, just me and my Buck Owens acoustic guitar (his name is Buck, the guitars is) and we just sort of were riding out the turbulence.”

Earlier this year, Adams performed an acoustic version of ‘Gimme Something Good’ on US chat programme The Late Late Show. The singer/songwriter was accompanied by Detroit bass player Don Was, once of the band Was (Not Was).