No, he won't play 'Summer of '69'...

Ryan Adams paid a heckler to leave his show in NASHVILLE on Monday (October 14) when the man jokingly called out for Bryan Adams‘ ‘SUMMER OF ’69’.

Ryan Adams stopped the show and asked for the house lights to be brought up so that he could find the offender.

With some help from the crowd, he found the man. He climbed into the crowd, gave the fan the $28 ticket price, and told him to be on his way.


The man would not budge and Ryan Adams refused to carry on until the fan “left the house”. After five minutes, the man upped and left and the show rolled on.

However, the manager of the venue – the Ryman Auditorium – grabbed the man on his way out the door. Apologising profusely, he let him back in. The man kept Ryan Adams‘ money.

‘Summer of ’69’ was a Number 42 smash hit for Canadian MOR rocker Bryan Adams in 1985. While jokes mixing Ryan Adams up with Bryan Adams have faded as Ryan Adams‘s star has risen, they obviously still irk him.

Ryan Adams comes to Britain in November for a series of shows. While the Nashville gig was played with his new backing band The Esquires, he insists that the UK gigs will be acoustic.

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