The Spice Girl, who is constantly questioned about her sexuality, reckons men are "crap"...

SPICE GIRL MEL C has revealed that the constant public questioning of her sexuality had led her to wish she was lesbian – because men are so “crap”.

In the new issue of women’s magazine Marie Claire, the singer explained: “I used to think it was funny, but I’ve got a lot of fans who are lesbians and sometimes I get them coming up to me and saying: ‘When are you going to come out?’

She went on: “I started feeling guilty because I wasn’t gay. I was thinking maybe I should be a lesbian. Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian because men are so crap.”

She also said she felt that due the nature of her job she was fair game – but hit out at the rumourmongers who had suggested her personal assistant Ying was in fact her partner.

Mel added: “She doesn’t want to be famous. I get paid enough money to put up with it. It’s part of my job… It’s not fair on her and her family.”

The Spice Girl also touched on her split from boy band member J from Five, blaming the break-up on his immaturity. “He’s very young – 24 going on 15,” she said.