Bryan Ferry’s son in court for criminal damage

Otis Ferry snatched keys from a paparazzi's ignition

Bryan Ferry’s son Otis Ferry is currently in court facing charges of criminal damage, after he took a set of car keys from a paparazzo’s ignition in February.

The paparazzi were pursuing Sienna Miller after she left the Boujis nightclub in South Kensington in London when they stopped at a traffic light.

Ferry is then alleged to have got out of his car and walked towards the paparazzo’s vehicle, where he then snatched the keys from their ignition when they wound their window down, soon after disposing of them.

The vehicle was then stuck at the traffic lights for two hours, creating considerable inconvenience for motorists.

Ferry is charged with causing criminal damage worth £180 (for replacement of the keys) as well as an additional £500, reports BBC News.

The trial continues next Wednesday (December 5).