BTS’ new mobile game, ‘BTS World’ will be released this week

'BTS World' arrives soon

K-pop stars BTS are releasing their new mobile game, BTS World, this week. You can see a preview of the game below.

The 7-piece group – Jin, Suga, V, J-Hope, RM, Jungkook and Jimin – have joined forces with Netmarble for their first ever mobile app. The game will allow fans to be “talent managers” for each member of the band and will feature original music from the group.

“Players will encounter various missions where they will select certain BTS member cards to clear the mission and progress through the game,” a press release for BTS World read. “Collecting and upgrading these cards will open up even more stories along the way, and players will be able to interact virtually with BTS in the game through a 1:1 interactive system.”


According to Billboard, the game will get its first US release tomorrow (June 25) with a release in Asia following on June 26.

Speaking to MetroNetmarble spokesperson Chastity Irizarry has given fans a hint of what more they can expect from the game ahead of its release. You can also see a preview of the game here.

She said: “You get to dive a little deeper into their personalities, they’re really silly and fun and play off each other. It’s going to be really fun for people to unpack as they go through the game, really getting to see a new side of them.

“Since you are going back in time as part of their main story for their debut, how they became a band and things like that. It’s inspired by the struggles they did have as a group when they first got started. It’s a fun way to get to know the band. It’s more of a personal experience seeing as you’re the only talent manager.”

Irizarry added: “Through their careers, they’ve been asked if they weren’t BTS or performers, what could they see themselves doing. One said a farmer, one said a literary student.”


Meanwhile, BTS shared another new song from the upcoming game release – ‘All Night’ last week (June 21) and it featured an appearance from Juice WRLD.

The full soundtrack to BTS World will be released on June 28. Two other songs have already been released from the soundtrack with j-hope and V sharing a collaboration with Zara Larsson on ‘A Brand New Day’ and Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook sharing ‘Dream Glow which featured Charli XCX.